Let their lives stretch out before them

Not close within them


Donating to Boost Up will lead to cash going directly to resolving young people’s  homelessness and helping them live independently. 

100% of your funds  will go directly towards funding the young people Boost Up helps. We will ensure that not a penny goes to any other source.

We will keep you up to date with information on where your money is going every month through a personalised, not generic email.  

Those who donate a certain amount [See ‘Join’ to the right] will automatically become members of the charity.



Boost Up is a membership based Charity. Through becoming a member you will:

  • Be involved in the ongoing strategic direction and development of Boost Up through invitation to regular focus groups. 
  • Be invited to our Annual General Meeting.
  • Get to vote on certain resolutions and table your own. 
  • Stand for election as a trustee and get the opportunity to vote for trustees.
  • Receive a regular newsletter to keep you informed of the ongoing work of Boost Up.

Membership is currently for those who donate more than £8.50 a month or £103 a year.  


A young person has a greater opportunity to get into accommodation, retain it and get into employment if they have someone to support them.

We are looking for people to volunteer their time to assist our clients with their journey back to independence, with a particular emphasis on helping them navigate independent living for the first time and obtain employment. 

Your skills could be related to:

  • Education
  • Jobseeking
  • The Arts
  • Housing 
  • General mentoring 

If this sounds like something you think you’d like to take part in, please follow the link below: